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 Prospect Pre-K Program​​​​

Prospect Pre-K is the best way to set your puppy up for success as a service dog. This program starts at the time your puppy comes home. There is no guarantee that all puppies will be a good fit as a service dog, but this program will prepare them as much as possible to reduce the risk of a service dog prospect washing out. It will also help manage puppy behavior and basic behavioral skills.

Frequency = Two sessions per week, 1 day with Jessie and 1 day with Annie

Duration = 4-8 months long, on average

Pricing = $40 per online session, $50 per in person session


Training with Jessie - This service is a collaboration with Jessie from Here We Go Dog Training.

  • Access to a private Prospect Pre-K Facebook group

  • Foundations = marker cues, mat training, body handling, potty cue on any surface​​

  • Focus & Self-Control = attention/focus around distractions, greeting skills, leave it, wait and recall training

  • Positions = sit, down, stand

  • Navigation = basic loose-leash walking, find heel, let's go and back up

Training with Annie​​

  • Socialization = exploring new spaces, meeting people, interactions with other dogs, novel objects and noises

  • Tasks = scent imprinting, toy play, retrieve foundations

Readiness Test

To graduate from this program, your dog must pass the Readiness Test to officially start Service Dog Training.

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