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 S.D. (Service Dog) Ready Program​​​​

​​S.D. Ready is a program to prepare your service dog prospect with the basic behavioral skills they will need prior to higher level skilled work. This class is a great way to identify any problem areas and or if your prospect will not be a good fit for service work.

Age = Adult dogs only, puppies should be in our Prospect Pre-K Program

Frequency = One time per week

Pricing = $40 per online session, $50 per in person session

Dog Trainer = Jessie - This service is a collaboration with Jessie from Here We Go Dog Training.


  • Access to a private S.D. ready Facebook group

  • Foundations = marker cues, mat training, body handling, potty cue on any surface​​

  • Focus & Self-Control = attention/focus around distractions, greeting skills, leave it, wait and recall training

  • Positions = sit, down, stand

  • Navigation = basic loose-leash walking, find heel, let's go and back up

Readiness Test

To graduate from this program, your dog must pass the Readiness Test to officially start Service Dog Training with our trainer Annie.

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