Owner Training

We know how difficult it is to raise and train a service dog, and that is exactly why we are committed to helping Owner Trainers succeed! Our trainer will help you pick a service dog prospect, decide on what tasks will be most helpful, and walk you through every step of the training process.

Not local to Madison, WI? No problem! We offer online training through zoom that is just as helpful as our in-person training. Our online clients have achieved just as much success as our in-person clients. With good teaching, there is no need for your trainer to be in the same room as you.


How the program works: 

  • Each week you will meet with our trainer for two 30 minute sessions. In these sessions you will focus on either Public Access Training or Task Training. These lessons are short so that your dog enjoys training to the fullest. You will also have access to our Medi-Dogs Facebook group where you can post daily for feedback on your homework. This group also helps you find a community of people going through the same process as you. 

  • Online - $300 per month

  • In- Person $400 per month

Ready to Join Us? 

Schedule a free consultation to chat with a trainer to see if you and your dog will be the right fit for our program. Once we meet and discuss your dog and your needs, an evaluation will be conducted in person or via video to determine if your dog is a good fit for service work.