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Where to start?

Looking to join the Medi-Dogs program? We would love to have you join us! The first step is to complete a free virtual consultation, please fill out an intake form and we will contact you to schedule. After your consultation, we request for you to perform an evaluation which is detailed at length below.

Legal Protections

We require a note from a licensed medical professional  prior to scheduling a consultation. This note should detail that a service dog is medically necessary and will assist you in your healing journey. This note will be kept on file for liability reasons. If you were ever in legal trouble due to your service dog, having this documentation prior to beginning service dog training is essential.

We recommend a physician (DO, MD, NP, or PA) for any service dog except for a psychiatric service dog, in which we recommend a mental health care provider (psychiatrist or licensed behavioral therapist).

Please Read

Service dogs must be calm and confident in any situation that might present itself. It takes a very special dog to become a service dog. We understand the lists below are extensive, but it helps our team assess if your dog will be a good candidate for this work.

Record Your Evaluation

Note: Recording the entire list (one video at home, one video at the store) will likely be the easiest to achieve the best results. If you make individual videos, please allow 10 seconds before and after completing each task so we can see how your dog reacts.

At home, please record:

  1. Your dog's response to a startling visual stimuli such as an umbrella.

  2. Your dog's response to a startling loud noise such as a dropped metal bowl.

  3. Your dog being handled for grooming (paws being held, ears examined, brushing).

  4. Your dog's response to you grabbing (not pulling) their tail.

  5. Kibble Search: Place kibble around 1 room in your house by hiding it near walls, chairs, under and on objects. Then release your dog into the space and let them find the hidden kibble with as little help as possible.


In a pet-friendly store, (i.e. Home Depot, Petco, Cabela's, L.L. Bean. You can always call ahead and check signage outside of the store) please record:

  1. Your dog meeting (within close proximity) another dog for at least 10 seconds.

  2. Your dog meeting a stranger, who is able to pet your dog for at least 10 seconds.

  3. Your dog walking near a child.

  4. Your dog doing some tricks inside the store (i.e. "sit" or "shake").

  5. Your dog walking on leash through the store.

  6. Your dog moving through a crowd.

  7. Your dog doing tricks near the checkout area or another busy space

  8. Without giving any cues, your dog at rest in an area of the store for 5 minutes.

Send it to us

Email us the following to:

  1. Upload your video to youtube as "unlisted" and email us the link.

  2. Remember to attach your letter from a licensed medical professional.

If we believe you and your dog are a good match for service work, we will begin scheduling our services and training. Consultations are complementary, reviewing evaluations costs $35.

It may take up to 7 business days for us to review this information and respond, we appreciate your patience in advance. 

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