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 Board and Train​​​​

Board and train is an accelerated program to master skills, alleviate burn out and help you reach your goals! Short or long term, this program can help you work on learning new skills or polishing existing ones, like imprinting scent, public access work and task training.

This program is a partnership between Medi-Dogs and Green Acres Pet Resort, allowing your dog to live the life of luxury while receiving top notch training from our certified trainers.

Weekdays Include: 

  • 3 training sessions per day

  • 2 nature walks in the private dog park

  • 1 hour transfer lesson to teach you your dog's new skills

  • Suite style boarding 



  • $750 per training week (Monday-Friday)

  • $860 per training week + weekend (Monday-Sunday)*

*During weekends you can bring your dog home, or they can board and play in the private park!


  • Evaluation to ensure your dog is a service dog prospect

  • Minimum 2 week stay to maximize learning

  • 3 training sessions prior to boarding (if you are a new client)

  • 6 training sessions post boarding, to ensure skills are maintained

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